What is 3×3 Method for Memorizing Quran

Is your goal to memorize the Quran only or to master it? Let your goal be to master the Quran. Therefore, Almuhammadi Academy has designed a practical approach “3×3 method for memorizing the Quran “. Many students seek effective techniques that help them memorize quickly and accurately. One of the famous techniques for memorizing the Quran is 3×3 method. So this method aims to learn the entire Quran in a systematic, practical method by heart.

This quran memorization technique includes reading the entire verses, repeating each verse separately 3 times, moving from the first verse to the next, combining the two verses and repeating them three times, and so on until you finish the page you want to memorize.

What is 3×3 Quran Memorization Method?

It offers an organized method to learn and memorize Quranic verses. First, You begin by reading the entire portion by looking at Mushaf, focusing on each Quranic word according to the rules of Tajweed and correct recitation. You recite the portion 5 to 7 times. Read the verse three times and focus on the Quranic words. You will move to the next verse and repeat it three times. 

Then combine two verses and repeat them three times. You move on to memorizing the third verse individually, reading and repeating it three times. Reciting all the verses and repeating them three times. Follow the same steps for the rest of the verses. Finally, Consolidate your memorization and memory effectively and practically by reciting the entire page three times after you finish Hifz by repeating and combining verses. By using this technique anyone can memorize 1 page of qurna in hour.

Note: Almuhammadi Academy provides structured methods as a “ 3×3 method for memorizing the Quran “ in an online hifz program that helps students memorize accurately and unforgettably.

How Does 3×3 Quran Memorization Technique Work?

Let us learn together how to use the 3×3 Quran memorization method to memorize the Holy Quran

  • Organized reciting of the verse 3 times strengthens memorization and consolidates it in the memory.
  • Repeating enhances memorization, helps the brain to focus, and trains the brain to remember Quranic verses easily.
  • Combining the two verses helps connect the verses and allows for good memorization and ease of reading the verses correctly in their order as in Mushaf.
  • Visualizing the verses while reciting them enhances recalling the verses easily and smoothly.
  • Reciting specific verses increases concentration for a better and deeper understanding of the verse.
  • Applying the verses practically daily and watching them in our lives increases the connection with the Quranic verses consolidates and strengthens memorization.
  • Recitation of a full page of the Quran sets a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter of the verses.
  • Continuous practice strengthens long-term memory and helps to master memorization and not forget it.

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