Difference Between Madani Qaida and Noorani Qaida

Difference Between Madani Qaida and Noorani Qaida

Embarking on the journey of learning the Holy Quran can be an enriching experience, but when it comes to choosing a Quranic rule, the decision can be a very important one. Choosing between Noorani Qaida and Madani Qaida can impact the effectiveness and enjoyment of Quranic learning. Almuhammadi Academy aims to provide guidance and insights to help you choose the appropriate Quranic rule for you and your kid and navigate the difference between Madani Qaida and Noorani Qaida. We will examine their variations.
Whether you’re interested in the structured approach of Noorani Qaida or the contextual approach of Madani Qaida, we’ll explore their unique features to help you determine the best fit for your learning style. Let’s embark on this journey together and unlock the beauty of Quranic learning!

Define Noorani Qaida

Noorani Qaida serves as a practical guide for reciting the Holy Quran with proper pronunciation in the Arabic language. It represents the practical application of Tajweed rules for more than 95% of the recitation rules. Initially, Noorani Qaida gained popularity in countries with an Islamic presence, such as India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other Islamic countries, as well as in other countries with Islamic communities.

Some people in the non-Arab Islamic world face difficulty learning the Arabic language, which led to the innovation of Noorani Qaida by Sheikh Muhammad Noor Hakkani, who was born in 19th-century India. Noorani Qaida has been widely adopted to teach both children and adults the Arabic language and the Holy Quran in a sequential manner.

Guide to Noorani Qaida Course

Noorani Qaida

Noorani Qaida course is a method that is considered one of the most effective and easiest ways to read the Quran correctly, as well as develop their listening, pronunciation, reading, and writing skills. It aims to achieve this with minimal effort and in the shortest possible time. The author, may Allah have mercy on him, organized the method in a gradual order, as follows:

  • He started with single letters, then compound letters, followed by disconnected letters. After that, he taught the vowel letters (with fatha, kasra, and damma) and then the tanween (double fatha, double kasra, and double damma).
  • Next, there are exercises on vowel movements and tanween, followed by sukoon, shaddah, the rules of noon and meem shekinah, and so on.
  • The author has carefully compiled examples from the Holy Quran specifically tailored for beginner students. Note: Almuhammadi Academy offers male and female tutors specialized in the field of the Holy Quran to teach Noorani Qaida for beginners.

Define Madani Qaida

The book “Madani Al-Qaida” by Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Muhammad Al-Qasim is a valuable resource for beginners who are eager to learn how to read and pronounce the Arabic text of the Quran. It provides an easy-to-use method suitable for people of all ages.

It serves as a simple and effective starting point for beginners with improvement and development based on language textbooks, ensuring a solid foundation in Quranic Arabic writing. Moreover, Madani Qaida focuses on building a strong understanding of Quranic Arabic, allowing learners to progress to more advanced levels of “how to learn Quranic Arabic” with ease and confidence.

Guide to Madani Qaida Course

  • He learns the letters with shaddah and tanween.
  • He correctly reads the letters with shaddah and tanween.
  • He distinguishes between hamzat al-qat’ and hamzat al-wasl in reading and writing.
  • He recognizes the letters of madd.
  • He becomes familiar with alif after waaw al-jamaa’ah.
  • He masters reading the tied-up taa (taa marboutah) and applies it to connecting and stopping.
  • He correctly reads laam Shamsiyyah and Qamariyyah.

Standout Features of Noorani Qaida

  1. A simple, clear, and straightforward method for learning the Arabic language.
  2. It is especially suitable for kids, as learning Nooraniyyah method enables them to
    speak Arabic fluently.
  3. It is a comprehensive approach for non-native Arabic speakers to learn to speak
    the language.
  4. Learning Arabic according to Nooraniyyah method makes reciting and mastering
    the Quran easier.
  5. It also helps in developing the child’s memory skills, how to avoid language
    difficulties, and how to teach a child the Arabic alphabet easily.
  6. Additionally, it enhances their articulation of letters and pronunciation.
  7. Practically teach basic skills to learn the Arabic language faster and with less
    effort. This includes listening, reading, writing, speaking, and learning to read the
    Quran correctly.
  8. Learn the optimal method for reading the alphabet.
  9. Enhance fluency and smoothness in reading and pronunciation.

Note: Almuhammadi Academy offers qualified Noorani Qaida tutors for kids and adults, whether male or female. Also download noorani qaida pdf file to make your recitation easy.

Standout Features of Madani Qaid

  1. It covers the rules of reading.
  2. Simplicity and ease in teaching reading.
  3. Gradual progression in learning to read.
  4. Rapid learning and mastery of reading.
  5. It includes examples from the Holy Quran and Sunnah that are easy to understand
    and clear without repetition.
  6. The lesson examples include reading words that encompass the principles of religion
    and ethics.
  7. It has an electronic application that helps with accurate listening and reading.

Opt for Noorani Al-Qaida

  • If you’re looking to learn the Arabic alphabet in a structured and logical manner, Noorani Qaida is a great option. It gradually introduces you to Tajweed rules, enabling you to enhance your understanding over time.
  • Noorani Qaida is widely acclaimed and holds high recognition and support from traditional Islamic scholars.
  • Its conventional approach has garnered significant praise.
  • It uses simple and effective techniques that make it easier for kids to grasp and learn effectively.
  • Noorani Qaida utilizes diacritical marks (tashkeel) extensively, which aids in proper pronunciation and enhances the learning experience. This aspect helps learners with accurately pronouncing words and mastering the correct recitation.
  • Overall, Noorani Qaida provides a beginner-friendly and comprehensive learning experience, making it an excellent choice for those seeking to develop their Arabic reading skills while understanding Tajweed rules.
  • Selecting Qaida is a smart choice as it allows you to progressively grasp and comprehend Tajweed rules.

Opt for Madani Qaida

  • Madani Qaida stands out with its innovative and contemporary approach to learning.
  • By using Madani Qaida, you can confidently enhance your understanding and application of Tajweed principles, making your recitation more accurate.
  • learning program that directly interacts with Quranic material using multimedia materials and online learning environments
  • One of the remarkable features of Madani Qaida is its cultural inclusivity, making it a valuable resource for a diverse global audience. This resource can be
  • beneficial for you if you are not in India.
  • This resource provides comprehensive and structured lessons that place a strong emphasis on Tajweed, the proper pronunciation, and recitation of Quranic verses.

Ultimately, whether you choose Noorani Qaida or Madani Qaida, both serve as effective tools for individuals seeking to learn and master Arabic and Quranic recitation. Both resources cater to different learning styles and provide a solid foundation for mastering the art of Quranic recitation.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, at Almuhammadi Academy, we understand that starting your journey of Quranic learning with Noorani Qaida is an exciting and important step. Our team of dedicated tutors is here to guide you every step of the way with our attractive and interactive classes. Let us be your trusted companions on this journey, as we provide you with the tools, knowledge, and support needed for the Quranic recitation. Get ready to embark on an inspiring and fulfilling journey with Noorani Qaida and our incredible team of tutors at Almuhammadi Academy.

Important FAQs

Q1. At what age should a kid join to learn Madani Qaida or Noorani Qaida?

A kid can join the course at the age of five, which will enable him to read the Holy Quran correctly from a young age.

Q2. What are the necessary conditions before enrolling in the course, Madani Qaida or Noorani Qaida?

There are no specific conditions before joining the course; the course is available for both kids and adults.

Q3. How do you join to start your journey?

Book two free trials, and we will contact you as quickly as possible and start your journey.