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online Quran Classes

In this digital age, the way of communication is revolutionized, people communicate with each other within a second through social media applications, emails, and other digital means. Anyone can assess information over the internet with the tap of a finger without any restrictions. Muslims have used this global network to educate people about Islam and spread their religion. Almuhammadi Academy uses this platform to educate people about Quran and Hadith under the guidance of expert tutors with online Quran classes for kids by using e-learning tools and advanced teaching strategies.

The Nine Best Courses At Almuhammadi Academy

Information technology has a great impact on the functioning of institutes and influences them to adopt electronic learning systems. Quran schools have also adapted and modified their traditional learning system and brought advanced e-learning systems to facilitate students. Almuhammadi Academy offers nine courses to help fellow Muslims gain education in Quran, Hadith, and Islamic history.

1. Learn The Basics Of Quran Reading-Online Quran classes

Quran is a holy book from Allah Almighty and has its unique style. Quran is the word of Allah for all people and Muslims must read Quran so it is a very important practice. “The noblest of you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.” (Sahih al-Bukhari 5028)

Reciting the Quran correctly is compulsory for every Muslim, theLearn to Read Quran for kids course will help students learn the basics that will help them read the Quran correctly. The focus of this course is to help beginners in identifying Arabic alphabets and their pronunciation, then join these alphabets to make letters, and then make long and short sentences from these letters. Course Objective This course is divided into three levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced )

1. Beginner level

2. Intermediate level

3. Advance level

Beginner Level At this level, the student learns about

Arabic Alphabets And Pronunciation The Arabic language has 28 letters and it is written from left to right. To teach students the Arabic alphabet and proper pronunciation, “Nooraniand Noor Al-Bayan Qaida” are used,

Arabic Diacritics Diacritics are symbols or marks written above or below the alphabet that change the way that alphabet is pronounced and it’s meaning. Fatha, Madd, sukun, shadda, and amma appear above the alphabets, andKasraappears below the letter. Tanween appears at the end of the word. Diacritics play an important role in the correct pronunciation of the word. In this section, we will learn all the diacritics with the help of visual aids so that students can enjoy learning

Making Words From Letters Once students know words and their diacritics, the next step is to form words from letters and then put those letters together to form sentences.

Intermediate Level: The intermediate level is about knowing the rules and forms of letters.

Forms of the letters

Arabic letters have four forms like 1. Final form 2. Middle form 3. Initial Form 4. Independent Form Students will learn all four forms of the letters this course

● Rules For each word of Arabic, there are some rules, of which some important rules will be discussed in this course Laam Rules The word laam can be pronounced as thick or thin depending on the situation.

Laam is read as thin when continued with kasra and it is pronounced thick when continued with fatha and damma Hamzatul Wasl Rules The Hamzatul Wasl rule is placed at the beginning of words, it is pronounced only when no other word comes after it.

Advanced Level A student of advanced level learns the features characteristic of the Quranic scripture.
● Properties of the Qur’anic script

2. Learn Quran Recitation Online

Quran was revealed in the classical Arabic language and at that time there was no need to learn Tajweed, but with time the Arabic language has also evolved, and now there is a proper need for Muslims to learn Tajweed rules to read Quran. Almuhammadi Quran school has structured this course for children and adults to learn all Tajweed rules easily. As Allah Almighty said “And recite the Qur’an with tarteel (in a slow pleasant tone and style).” (surah al-Muzammil:4)

The Online Quran Recitation course aims to teach students a proper way of reciting the Quran and improving their reciting style.

Course Objective

● What is Tajweed

Tajweed means to “read every word of the Quran correctly with its actual pronunciation”. Tajweed is the way of pronouncing the words but the meaning of the message remains the same

● Arabic Alphabets

The Arabic alphabet has 28 letters and each letter has a different sound and shape. In this section, you will find all the information about the letters, what properties they have, how they are pronounced, and how they should sound when combined with another letter.

● The letters and their pronunciation

● The properties of the letters

● The relationship between the letters

● Basic knowledge of the points of articulation A point of articulation is a place from which the letter is pronounced, and each letter has different points of articulation. In this section, you will learn about points of articulation and how to properly articulate each letter. The five main areas that play an important role in the articulation of words are

The space in the mouth

2. The Nose

3. The Throat

4. The Tongue

5. The Lips

Madd means “word elongation”, if there is a mad one letter, then the word is elongated. In this section, we will learn about

Cases of Madd Rules of Madd Types of Madd

There are two types of Madd

1. Madd-e-Aslee In this type, there is no sukoon and hamza after madd.

2. Madd-e-Faree In this type of madd, there is the presence of hamzaand sukoon after the madd as Madd Badal

Rules There are some basic rules of tajweed, and by learning these rules properly reading Quran becomes easy. Meem as-Sakinah Rules

Laam Saakinah Rules

Rules of Raa Rules of

Laam Hamzatul Wasl

and Qat Ahkam Al-Waqf

and Al-Ibtida Tafheem

and Tarqeq Noon

and Meem Shaddah Noon Saakinah

and Tanween Consonants Noon Qutni Waqf

● Vowels The meaning of vowels in Arabic is “harakat”, which means “movement”. There are six vowels in Arabic names Short Vowels (harakat) and long vowels (Huroof Maddah) 3 short vowels and three long vowels. Long vowels in Arabic are represented by these three letters Alif Waw, Ya. Short vowels in Arabic are represented by using the symbols fatha, kasra, damma, or sukun.

3. Learn 10 Qirat

Qirat means “reading or reciting”, there are ten types of Qirat, each Qirat has different Tajweed rules, ways of reading, and pronouncingtheQuran, but the meaning remains the same. The ten qirat of the Quran is the proof of the miraculous nature of the Quran there is no other book than the Quran which can be recited differently but the message of the content remains the same, because of is important every Muslim should know these ten qirat of the Quran, Almuhammadi Academy provides a complete Online Qirat Course to teach students qirat of Quran.

Course Objective

After completing the course the student will know about
● 10 qirat

● The origin of the 10 qirat

● Importance of the 10 qirat

4. Learn Quran Memorization

The process of memorizing the Qur’an begins when the first ayat is revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), he memorizes it and then teaches it to his companions and recommends them to memorize it and also recite it in prayers. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) not only recommends his companions to memorize the Quran but also advises them to write it down and teach it to other people. Memorizing the Quran is a sacred practice, and the person who memorizes the Quran has a special place in this world and Hereafter.

Course Objective

Memorizing the Quran is the way to preserve the Quran in the hearts, therefore, because of its importance, Almuhammadi Academy offers the Mulsim the opportunity to memorize the Quran with qualified, experienced teachers. After completing his course, the student will be able

To memorize the entire Quran.

5. Learn Quran Ijazah

Ijazah is an Arabic word meaning “permission or certificate” and in Islamic terms, it means a certificate from a scholar that this certificate holder is authorized to teach Quran to others. Almuhammdi Academy offers the opportunity to enroll in this learning Quran school course and receive an ijazah for Quran recitation and memorization at the end after taking a test.

Course Objective What you will learn in this course
● Quran recitation with Tajweed

● Basics of the Arabic language

● Quran memorization

6.Learning Quran Tafsir

Muslims can only implement the teachings of Islam in their lives if they understand its meaning, and this is only possible by learning the tafsir of the Quran. The Quran contains solutions to all the problems of our daily lives and guides us on how to deal with these problems. Tafsir is an Arabic word that means “to interpret” and the word tafsir Quran means “interpretation of the Holy Quran.”

Course Objective Almuhammadi e Quran school has developed this course under the guidance of experienced teachers from AL Azhar University Egypt. In this course, students will learn

The reasons for the revelation of the verses and their meanings.

7. Learn the Arabic Language

Quran is revealed in Arabic and almost all of the obligatory worship that Muslims do is in Arabic. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) emphasizes learning the Arabic language to understand Allah’s message since it has been revealed in classical Arabic, so a person would understand it better if he knows the Arabic language. Quran Pak learning Quran school will assist in gaining basic knowledge of the Arabic language.

New Muslims -how to learn Arabic?

Learning the Arabic language is quite a challenge and learning independently makes this learning process much more difficult, almuhammadiacademy has developed this course for our new Muslims so that they can learn the Arabic language in an easy and fun way. The structure of this course is developed into 12 levels starting from the east towards the advanced level.

Course Objective In this Arabic language learning course, you will learn about.

● Arabic alphabets

When a person starts to learn any language the foundation of it is the alphabet and it all starts from learning alphabet first.
Arabic diacritics Diacritics are the signs/mark which is mentioned above or below the letters and help in pronouncing the letter properly.

Arabic Grammar:Vowels Declension In declension definite noun Indefinite noun Verb form The nominal sentence

The verbal sentence
● All The Rules Of The Arabic Language
Sukun Shaddah Tanween Madd – Lengthening Shaddah with Tanween Laam rules AlifulWasl rules Inna and its sisters Kaana and its sisters

8. Learning Islamic Studies for kids

Quran and Sunnat are the sources of light in the lives of Muslims. The knowledge of Islamic history not only gives Muslims information about their ancestors but also tells how Muslims have dominated the various territories by simply following the teachings of Allah. Islamic Studies for kids course in the online Quran school specially designed for children and new Muslims to help them know the values and traditions of their religion.

Course Objective

After completing the course, the student will know about
● Aqeedah

● Fiqh

● Life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Hadiths

● Quranic study

● Five pillars of Islam

● Islamic History and Culture

● Five Pillars of Islam

9. Learn Islamic Supplication

Dua (supplication) is a weapon for a believer, it can change the destiny of a person, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said. “Nothing can change the divine counsel except Dua”. (Jami Al-Tirmidhi 139) Supplications work like magic when a person has faith in their Dua and Allah that He will answer all prayers. Dua is a way of communicating with Allah and it is a form of worship. Islam teaches us, that Dua, for every occasion, asks for help from Allah and protects us from any harm.

Course Objective This course will help learners learn all the Dua they can practice in their daily lives under the guidance of an experienced online Quran tutor. Upon completion of this course, learners will know the following.

What is a dua?

● How to say a dua.

● Meaning of Dua.

● All the essential supplications.

Online Quran classes are a great way to spread knowledge of Islam, any Muslim can learn Quran Hadith and Islamic history without stepping out of their homes and without the limitation of time. Almuhammadi Academy helps to impart knowledge of Islam that can be adopted and practiced in daily life.