How to make learning Quran for kids enjoyable

learning Quran for kids

Messenger of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him) said: “For whomsoever Allah wants good, he gives him understanding in the religion.” [Tirmidhi 2645]

The understanding of religion comes from knowing the Quran with depth. Many people may think it as a tedious task but we must know that our life should be around Islam. And seeking guidance from the Quran should be our prime goal. Hence, the process of understanding and acting upon the guidance from the Quran should start from childhood. Here are certain tips on how to make Learning Quran for kids enjoyable.

9 tips on how to make learning Quran for kids enjoyable

how to make learning Quran for kids enjoyable
Learning Quran for kids

“And We have certainly made the Qur’an easy for remembrance, so is there any who will

remember?”  [Al-Qamar 54: Verse 32]

  • Using Colorful and Pictured Noorani Qaida to make learning the Quran enjoyable and efficient

Many studies and research shows that colors contribute to the development of a child’s creativity. It also has an impact on his/her productivity and capacity to memorize and learn anything new. Hence, using colorful Noorani Qaida will help a lot in making their learning effective. The pictures can additionally help in learning thoroughly and building interest of the kids. Parents and tutors can also opt for the Quran with different colored and smooth pages for kids.

  • Making kids learn and enjoy the Quran at their own Mosque in the house or in a beautiful Quran corner

It is no hidden fact that kids love pretty things more than anyone else in this world! Also, the second thing that they may love is imitating adults around them. So why not use it to make their Quran learning enjoyable? Build a cardboard mosque in the corner of any room and decorate it with stars and moon. Place a pretty rug inside it or two- three prayer mat to give it the full look of a Masjid (Mosque). This idea comes handy when you have two to three children in the house. Another great idea is to build a Quran corner. Decorate a corner of any room. Lay a cute rug and place Quran and islamic story books on the rack. Decorate it with the light, stickers, and islamic wall hangings. Kids can also stick their dua on the walls. Place a whiteboard so that kids can learn and write on it. Also, do not forget to involve your kids while making a cardboard mosque or a Quran corner. This way they will get excited right from the start.

  • Make the learning of the Quran enjoyable for kids by Art and Craft

Art and Craft is one of the best ways to make kids learn the Quran and make it enjoyable at the same time. Making kids learn Arabic calligraphy can help in developing their interest in the Quran. They will be motivated to learn the new verses of Quran and create beautiful calligraphic pieces out of it. Simpler art and craft can also be done right at the home. Make sure to keep it simple because as much as kids love art, they love making mess even more! Some ideas of Art and Craft are:

Building Kaaba by Paper Art

Learning verses and writing them beautifully

Decorating Quran covers

Preparing personalized Dua book

List of Surahs in their understanding in their scrapbook

Making islamic stickers and bookmarks in the shape of    lanterns and minarets or anything that kids feel attracted to.

  • Using “Learn by Fun” technique to make the Quran learning enjoyable for kids

Kids love playing games. Any adult can make them do anything by making it a part of the game. For example, if you want a child to finish his meal you can make it a part of the game and Boom! His plate will be licked clean. In the same way, make their learning a part of the game. Some ideas to implement learn by Fun technique is:

Give them the task to learn their chapter(sabaq) in a specific amount of time. And by completing so, they can reach their next level of achieving their favorite cookie.

Make interactive quizzes that are fun to play. You can take help of softwares and make a giant wheel that can rotate and let the kid select their own topic for the quiz.

Treasure Hunt: Hide solid stickers in their Quran or Noorani Qaida that they can find while completing their sabaq.

Plan their sabaq for the entire week and stick in their room with the title “Week’s mission for the superhero.” Make sure it’s in the checklist so that kids can enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

  • Using audio and visuals to attract kids along with thorough learning

Make use of the technology in the right way! The internet is filled with cartoons that help kids learn about the Quran in the most engaging way. This will serve the dual purpose. First, the kids will learn about the Quran. Second, they will stay away from the bad side of the internet.

Note: parental checking and control should be maintained.

  • Making kids listen to the interesting Quranic stories that fills them with excitement and awe.

The Quranic stories of Prophets are filled with all good morals. They also make one’s faith strong and help in seeking guidance. Hence, making kids listen to the Quranic stories and also making them watch it can draw their attention essentially.

  • Toys are kids’ best-friends! So why not make them all a team to learn the Quran

Kids love company but only of those people or things that they actually like. So use it for the benefit! Accompany their favorite toy during their learning sessions. You can also help them by playing pretend. Make them the tutor of their toys. In this way they can revise their sabaq by teaching it to their toys.

  • Kids love sweets! And it also includes the sweetness of their hard work.

Make sure to reward the kids for their achievements. It need not be anything big or fancy but a small token of appreciation. It can be a cookie or a warm hug. Also, you can decorate and design achievement labels yourselves. Create Colorful and attractive badges for the kids and gift them as they complete their sabaq.

  • Setting an effective time-table can contribute a lot in effective learning.

A Quran lesson prior to the playing time can make kids become unfocused on their lessons. Hence, make an effective time table that makes them learn efficiently. Some ideas include:

  • Learning sessions early in the morning
  • Learning sessions before the sleeping time
  • Utilizing the time between Asr and Maghrib
  • Learning before the mid-day meal

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