Learning Islam for New Converts

Congratulations on taking the first step towards Allah, the truth, and the straight path by acknowledging the validity of Islam and contemplating conversion or further exploration. Converting to Islam is a momentous event that heralds a new chapter in your life.

Welcome to “Learning Islam for New Converts,” where we embark on a transformative journey of embracing the true faith, overcoming challenges, and receiving unparalleled support from the Muslim community.

However, new Muslims show resilience and unwavering determination in embracing the faith, while also receiving abundant support from the community.

Islamic Classes for Converts

Learning Islam for New Converts

At Almuhammadi Academy, we are honored to fulfill our responsibility of offering courses specifically designed for New Muslim Reverts. Our classes offer a unique opportunity to acquire the profound teachings of Islam, allowing you and empowering individuals to immerse themselves in the depths of Islamic teachings and then live the journey of life according to these principles and teachings.

Welcome to this amazing course designed to make the journey of a New Muslim after converting to Islam exciting, fun, and unique! We understand that embracing Islam is a significant step, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Course Tutors

Our Course Tutors are highly qualified, with degrees from renowned Islamic universities and years of experience. They are native Arab tutors, fluent in English, and bring professionalism and grounded knowledge to their teaching. Learn from the best as they guide you on your journey to a comprehensive understanding of Islam.

Course Requirement

This course is open to new Muslims, potential converts, and individuals interested in exploring the beautiful journey of Islam. Embark on a transformative journey through Islam, open to new Muslims, potential converts, and those curious about the faith. Our course provides a supportive environment for growth and deepening understanding.
Join us to explore the beauty of Islam and embrace its profound teachings.

Note: If you’re seeking a chance to learn the Quran, Arabic language, or Islamic studies online with top-notch instructors, seize the opportunity to begin your journey today and enroll in our free lessons! There are no specific prerequisites to joining; all that’s required is your eagerness to delve into the teachings of Islam.

Here’s a concise list of the topics covered in this course:

● Explore an overview of Islam, its beliefs, and practices.

● Compare Islam with other religions to gain a broader perspective.

● Discover the 5 Pillars of Islam, the core practices of Muslims.

● Learn about the 6 Pillars of Faith, fundamental beliefs in Islam.

● Understand the Islamic Creed and its significance.

● Dive into different forms of worship in Islam.

● Explore the teachings and values of Islam.

● Delve into the concept of morality in Islam.

● Understand the concepts of shirk and disbelief.

● Access a comprehensive guide for new Muslims.

● Explore the Life of the Prophet, gaining insights into his teachings, actions, and significant Hadith in Islam.

● Explore the profound depths of the Quran through the study of Tafseer, unraveling its meanings and insights.

● Understand the concept of Major Sins in Islam, recognizing actions that are considered gravely sinful.

● Discover essential Good Habits for new Muslims, providing guidance and support as they navigate their faith.

In this course, you’ll gain valuable insights into Islam’s principles and teachings. Enjoy your learning journey!

New Muslim Classes

1.Embrace Islam and Excel in Their Journey

Empowering New Muslims to Embrace Islam and Excel in Their Journey New Muslims have a responsibility to implement Islam in their lives and seek the best Islamic education.

Almuhammadi Academy is dedicated to assisting you on this journey, with 24/7 access to expert teachers who will guide you and help you draw closer to Allah. Join our 1-on-1 or group Muslim classes for converts and consider enrolling in our Quran, Arabic, and Islamic Programs to embark on a fulfilling learning journey at New Muslim Academy.

2.Embrace Islam’s Essence

Empowering New Muslims to Embrace Islam’s Essence. The new Muslim is privileged to know about Islam. It is essential to enhance this knowledge by learning about permissible, forbidden, discouraged, recommended, and praiseworthy actions through studying the Quran, Sunnah, jurisprudence, creed, hadith, and various aspects of Islam.

Why take Islamic Classes for converts?

There are many traits of the new Muslim academy, as follows:

● Converting to Islam is a profound transformation that requires Muslim converts to embrace a new set of beliefs, which can be a challenging journey. However, the Shahada marks the beginning, not the end, of their path.

● As Reverts take that first step, numerous subsequent steps await them. Adjusting to their new faith may bring challenges, but it is crucial to remember that Allah is with them every step of the way, offering guidance and support.

● Our meticulously crafted course aims to provide New Muslim Converts with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of Islam, and a supportive environment to address practical matters and adapt to contemporary life.

● Islamic classes offer converts a means to deepen their connection with Allah and strengthen their faith. By engaging in the study of the Quran, Fiqh, Seerah, Tafseer, and Hadith, converts can cultivate a profound spiritual bond with Islam.

These classes also provide opportunities, allowing converts to acquire valuable life lessons, establish a moral compass, and find purpose and fulfillment in their new faith.

In this course, you will embark on a transformative journey, delving into the core teachings of Islam while simultaneously fostering a supportive community of fellow converts. It is an opportunity to deepen your understanding and build meaningful connections on this path of faith.

Here, you can openly share experiences, seek guidance, and ask questions without fear of judgment. By the end of the course, you will know what is necessary to start your new life.

Outcomes of Islamic Classes for Converts

Learning Islam for New Converts

● Exciting and Unique Journey

This course aims to make the journey of new Muslims after converting to Islam exciting, enjoyable, and personalized, providing a fulfilling experience as they embark on their new path.

● Comprehensive Understanding

Specially designed for new Muslims, this course focuses on providing a thorough understanding of the chosen way of life by exploring the principles, beliefs, and practices of Islam.

● Practical Guidance

Through this course, new Muslims will receive practical guidance on how to navigate their new way of life, helping them adapt to Islamic practices with ease and confidence.

● Taking Shahada

As an outcome of this course, individuals may experience the life-changing moment of taking the Shahada at New Shahada Classes, declaring their faith, and converting to Islam, marking a significant milestone in their journey.


learning Islam as a new convert is a transformative journey of knowledge. By immersing oneself in the teachings, seeking guidance from the Muslim community, and applying the principles in daily life, new converts can deepen their understanding and embrace their newfound faith. This path leads to a fulfilling and rewarding experience of living as a practicing Muslim.


1.How to take Shahada online?

We provide a distinctive opportunity to recite the Shahada sincerely and wholeheartedly with a witness or imam through personalized one-on-one sessions conducted conveniently via the Internet. Take this significant step in declaring your faith and embracing Islam in an accessible way.

2.How to become a Muslim online?

Embark on the path of Islam with ease and convenience by reaching out to us (via WhatsApp) or connecting with Islamic centers across the globe. Whether online or in-person, the doors of guidance are open, ready to support you as you embark on a transformative journey to embrace the beauty of becoming a proud Muslim.

3.How to convert to Islam?

We are here to assist you as you take the first step towards your journey of embracing Islam, which begins with the heartfelt declaration of the Shahada (I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger).

At Almuhammadi Academy, we offer free classes guided by specialized teachers and imams who will introduce you to the essential principles of Islam. You will learn about prayer, ablution, and other fundamental Islamic teachings necessary for new Muslims.

Let us support you as you embark on this transformative path of knowledge and faith.