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In this journey of life, the Quran is the companion of Muslims, it is a complete book of guidance and contains all the authentic roots of knowledge. The Tafseer of the Quran helps Muslims to understand the Quran better. Quran not only guides religion and spirituality but also educates Muslims about economic and political matters. Almuhammadi Academy has developed Learn Quran Tafseer course under the guidance of certified and experienced teachers to help understand the meaning of the Quran and implement it in daily life to lead a meaningful life. As Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)said in his farewell sermon.

“I have left you two things which, if you follow them, you will never go astray: the Book of God and the Sunnah of His Prophet.”

So, to live a life in a meaningful way without losing the essence of life, Muslims should follow the rules and regulations of the Qur’an, and for that, one must understand the Qur’an correctly.

Quran Tafseer Course

“Tafsir Is An Arabic Word ﺗﻔﺳﯾر Which Derives From The Root Word ‘Cassara. Cassara Intends To Clarify, To Elucidate, To Expound, To Explain Or To Decipher. It Further Implies The Clarification Or Translation Of Something.”

Tafsir explain the inner meaning of the Quran not a word to word translation, it gives a complete context of Ayat when and why it reveals what context of the word, Ayat and Surah, if you want to learn Quran Tafsir you can enroll in almuhammadi academy Quran Tafsir course

Why choose Almuhammadi Academy for the Quran Tafseer course?

Almuhammadi Academy always focuses on providing quality education and better facilities to its students. We have structured learn online Quran Tafseer classes with the best faculty and facilities to make this learning journey meaningful.

English And Arabic Tafsir Learning

Our qualified and experienced teachers assist students in learning the inner meanings of the Quran not only in the Arabic language but also Quran Tafseer in English is also available for those students who are not proficient in the Arabic language.

Word By Word Or Detailed Interpretation

The course objective is explained in two steps

The first step is a word-by-word interpretation of each surah and ayah. The second step is a detailed explanation of each Surah and Ayah in which we will discuss reasons and situations of the revelation of that Surah and Ayah.

In-depth Learning

The Quran is a complete code of life that contains knowledge about every aspect of life and guidance for all people, and a person can only understand it if he has a high intellectual level or has an experienced teacher who explains the profound meaning of everything. Alhumammadi Academy has selected certified tutors from well-known Islamic universities to impart in-depth knowledge of the Quran.

Around The Clock Learning

Online Quran learning is the best option for people with busy schedules who cannot manage to go to an Islamic institute. Almuhammadi Academy offers its students the flexibility to schedule classes at any time that suits them best

Trackable Learning

One advantage of almuhammadi academy’s one-on-one teaching is the traceability of students’ performance. Teachers can easily view students’ performance in online learning and evaluate their learning outcomes.

Reduce The Competitive Culture

Competitive culture means comparing one’s performance with others and in this race to win, students get depressed. Personal online sessions help the student to learn in a non-competitive atmosphere and focus on learning rather than competing with others..

Personalized Learning

Everyone has different learning abilities and skills, some students understand things within a short time while others need the visual help to understand the concepts. We understand this, that’s why almuhammadi academy has created the option of personalized teaching or learning where the teacher structures the teaching method and sessions according to the capacity of the student.

Female Tutor

The teaching staff of almuhammadi academy includes both male and female tutors. The reason for female teachers is that some of our sisters and children prefer to learn from a female teacher.

Focused Learning

The one-on-one sessions of the Quran Tafsir course help students focus on their learning. If a person schedules their classes according to their convenience in their free time when they are free from all activities, then they will be more focused on their learning at that time.

What Will We CoverIn This Course?

Learn Quran Tafseer course is divide into 3 levels

I . Starter level II. Intermediateleve III. Advanced level

Starter Level

Quran And Its Virtues

The starter level begins by explaining the Quran. What is its importance in the lives of Muslims? What role does it play in improving one’s life?

Quran And Previous Scriptures

In this course, we will also examine the relationship between Quran and earlier revealed scriptures and make a comparison between them.

It is He Who has sent down the Book (the Qur’an) toyou (Muhammad ) with truth, confirming what came before it. And he sent down the Taurat (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel). (Surah Al Imran – 3)

Tafseer And Its Importance In this course,

we will understand the meaning of the word tafsir and why we use the word tafsir to understand the meaning of the Quran. Why it is necessary to learn Quranic tafsir, what its meaning is, we will discuss all this in detail in this course.

The miracle of preserving the Quran

In this course, we will discuss that how the words of the Quran do not change even after many years. There are numerous copies of the Quran which are all identical.

Order and Editing of the Quran

One of the sessions of this course will deal with the ordering and editing of the Quran in the era of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiqui(r.a ) and Usman (r.a.). The Quran was written down during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ ) while its compilation and copying was done during the caliphate of Hazrat abu Bakar Siddique (R.a.) and Hazrat Usman (r.a.).

Virtues and problems of ta’awwuz and tasmiyah.

This course also discusses the problems that a person faces while reciting taawwuz and tasmiyah.

Tafsir surah wise This category of Quran tafsir course begins with understanding the meaning of

. ● Surah Al-Fatiha

● Surah Al-Baqarah

● Surah An-Nas – Surah Al-Feel The reason for its revelation and the hidden meaning behind each verse.

Intermediate Level

In the next level of this course, the intermediate level, the sessions will cover the Tafsir of

● Surah Al-fajar to Surah Al humazah

● Ayat-ul-Qursi

Advanced Level

The final and concluding stage of this course focuses mainly on the Tafsir of
● Surah Yaseen

● Surah Al-Hujurat

● Surah Ar-Rahman

● Al-Waqi’a

● Surah Al-Mulk And at the end of the course, the Tafsir of the entire Quran has explained again for better understanding.

Course Duration

The duration of this course is approx. 3 months, and at the end of the three-month students will be able to understand the message of Allah. The duration of each lecture is different for different packages, e.g. 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes.

Course Requirement

Online Tafseer classes have some enrollment requirements, for a better understanding of this course that a person should know about the

● Basics of Quran reading

Quran Recitation with Tajweed. The person with knowledge about the basics of Quran reading and Quran reading with Tajweed would find this course very easy due to their basic understanding.
Quran leads to the right path, a person should specialize in Quran Tafseer to better understand the inner meaning and essence of the verses and surahs of the Quran so that they can benefit from it and realize the correct and true message of the Quran.