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Best Skype & Zoom Quran Classes - Almuhammadi Academy

Almuhammadi Academy provides the best Skype Zoom Quran classes through a distinguished, qualified team of male and female teachers to help students learn the Holy Quran perfectly. Our academy aims to spread the learning of the Quran worldwide via the Internet, taking into account the different cultures and individual differences among students.

So your journey in the Holy Quran will be different and unique
journey with us, and it is one of the best opportunities for parents to provide their kids with teachers proficient in the Holy Quran and its sciences.

What will you learn during lessons on the Zoom application?

The academy has designed many courses that aim to spread the Quran and its knowledge to students all over the world, as follows:

1.Learn Noorani Qaida Online

The teachers exert their utmost efforts and skills in simply teaching the students Noorani Qaida, and the student can read the Arabic words of the Quran correctly and masterfully while following the rules of Tajweed.

2. Online Quran Recitation Course

Our teachers help the students in Quran Recitation classes online to practice the theoretical rules that they have studied and apply them in practice through recitation and correcting mistakes, and this improves the student’s level at the end of the course which makes his recitation correct and elaborate, taking into account the rules of Tajweed.

The course is divided into three levels, which include beginner, intermediate, and advanced, and after passing the levels, the student is qualified to join the recitation Ijazah course.

3. Learn Quran Memorization

Our teachers are qualified from Al-Azhar Al-Sharif University, which is internationally known for its knowledge of the Quran, and they have the skills and time plan for correct memorization, continuous review, and follow-up in a short time, as well as what is commensurate with the level and skills of each student. Online Quran teaching via Skype is available for kids and adults.

This course will help them master the memorization of the Holy Quran while observing the rules of Tajweed and applying them correctly.

4. Online Tajweed course

This course explains through Quran Zoom classes and also Quran teacher on Skype from home the importance of Tajweed for every reader of the Quran, and that the Quran is not like other books, but rather a Book revealed from Allah and has a special reading as our master Gabriel, the Messenger of Allah(PBUH) taught, following the rules of Tajweed that later help in memorization And to understand and contemplate the verses.

The academy designed three levels for beginner, intermediate, and advanced Tajweed so that the reader can graduate according to his appropriate level and reach the correct and perfect reading, Allah willing. So it is the best way to learn Quran online.

5. Ijazah Course

In this program, online Ijazah course students will get a license/Ijazah The license is either a license to recite the Holy Quran or a license to memorize the Holy Quran, in which the teacher listens to the student reading the entire Quran while applying the rules of Tajweed to the fullest.

6. Online Arabic classes

The academy has designed a special course in the Arabic language differently and simply to learn Arabic through Zoom classes and Arabic lessons through Skype smoothly, especially for kids, and to improve speaking, reading, and writing skills during the course.

Through your knowledge and mastery of Arabic, it will make it easier for you to learn the sciences of the Quran, and you will be able to travel and speak in Arab countries or work and learn about Islamic culture.

Best Tutors for Quran zoom classes

Learn Quran online with expert teachers

Our teachers are distinguished by their long experience in this field of teaching the Holy Quran via Zoom to non-Arabic speakers in all parts of the world and their use of many different plans, methods, and techniques that help the student learn correctly, easily, and proficiently.

The most important characteristic of our teachers is the following:

1- Professionally Qualified tutors

The teacher should be knowledgeable about the sources of Arabic culture. The teacher of Arabic to non-native speakers must be professionally qualified. And be familiar with the methods and techniques of teaching, as well as the use of technology in education.

2- Ijazah certification

Our teachers at the academy have a license in the Holy Quran, a chain of transmission
or sanad that is connected to the Messenger of Allah (PBUH). It indicates mastery of the Quran and its correct recitation as it was read by our Holy Prophet and the Companions.

3- Male and Female Arabic Tutors

The academy provides Arab male and female teachers, which helps the student master the Arabic language in its correct form by learning and listening to it. Thus increasing his skills and proficiency in the language distinctively.

4- Be fluent in English

Our teachers are skilled and fluent in the English language and its culture so that they can communicate correctly with their requests and communicate information easily and simply.

Advantages of Zoom Quran classes

Many advantages make Almuhammadi Academy distinguished by offering different means for Zoom Islamic classes that help in smoothly teaching the Holy Quran. It is the best Quran-teaching app, and it can be summarized as follows:

1- Two free trials

The two trials allow the student to choose the appropriate teacher he deems appropriate for him, and this gives the student freedom to choose his teacher and flexibility in dealing.

Free trial class

2- Diversity of courses

The academy offers various courses for children, adults and women of different ages and cultures, taking into account the individual differences between students.

There are special courses for learning the Holy Quran and Tajweed and special courses for the Arabic language and Islamic studies, which help the student master the sciences and language of the Quran.

3- One to one private classes

Many students need private one-to-one classes to understand what is difficult for them to understand, discuss more, and focus the teacher’s attention on the specific student without others, allowing him to interact during class.

4- Commitment to appointments

The important key to success for any academy is commitment, whether on the part of the student or the teacher, to the time and schedule of the days of classes that have been agreed upon so that they can achieve the studied plan for mastering the Holy Quran, and this is done with commitment and continuity without interruption.

5- Multiple educational programs

The academy allows students to use Quran Classes Skype Zoom programs so that there is an opportunity for Skype users to learn the Quran online by Skype because of its advantages in using the camera and the screen. To make it easier for students to use various programs to benefit and learn from their homes.

6- Certificates

After passing a course, a certificate is delivered to the student, which is an acknowledgment from us that the student attended the course and passed the exams with skill and proficiency.

Online Quran Classes Structure

Almuhammadi Academy provides different online Skype Quran classes for kids and adults of all ages, with different individual differences. Teachers start by evaluating the level of the student so that they know what is commensurate with his level.

Almuhammadi Academy charges appropriate monthly fees to all students for all its Quranic programs on the Internet to provide a greater opportunity for all kids and adults around the world to join and benefit.


Almuhammadi Academy provides distinguished courses for the Quran and its sciences using the best Zoom classes on the Internet, so do not miss this opportunity and use your time for what benefits you by joining these distinguished courses with qualified professional teachers.

Important FAQs

Q1. What are the benefits of learning the Quran via Zoom?

Zoom offers an easy-to-use interface and a wide range of options to make distance learning feel closer and more personal. As teachers gain experience using Zoom in teaching, they have many best practices, tips, and tricks to make the distance learning experience as interactive as possible, saving time and effort while learning online from home.

Q2. Who can join our best Zoom Quran classes?

We welcome all students, kids, or adults from all over the world to learn the Quran, Arabic language, and Islamic studies with experienced teachers who use strategies to help the student learn easily and proficiently.

Q3. What are the steps to joining us?

Download the Zoom application, then book the free trial, and our teachers will contact