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When you discover Quran Tajweed, you’ll have the ability to pronounce the letters and words in Quranic verses properly, providing every letter its right in reciting the Quran. Additionally, Tajweed includes a beautiful voice to Quran recitation.

In regards to Quran reading & recitation, Tajweed is really a set of linguistic and pronunciation rules used in reciting the Quran to recite it in the right way as like the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was reciting.

“Tajweed” or “Tajwid” is a really typical term in the context of Quran recitation. It comes from the Arabic word (تَجْوِيدْ) which linguistically suggests improvement or making something exceptional.

Tajwid is one of the most prominent sciences of the Quran & Islam. It is a science governed by deep-rooted fixed guidelines originated from the oral recitation of the Quran by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) after he heard the discovery from the Angel Gabriel (Peace be upon him). In other basic words, Tajwid can be defined as the art of keeping the tongue from dedicating a mistake in the recitation of Allah’s words.

Why is it Important to Learn Tajweed?

Additionally, reciting Quran with Tajweed is actually obligatory on every Muslim as it’s Fard Ayn. Every Muslim need to recite Quran with tajweed in the daily prayers.

Discovering the tajweed guidelines assists us to pronounce Arabic alphabets exactly the manner in which they need to be pronounced so that our words have the designated significance. It teaches us that “ص” and “س” are pronounced differently and that when you mix them up in words, you can end up meaning something however stating something else.

The holy Quran is the speech of Allah (SWT), a divine message, mercy, and assistance from Allah Almighty to all humankind. It’s really important to recite Quran with Tajweed to prevent errors in pronouncing words of Allah (SWT).

Allah (SWT) says in the Holy Quran:

When you listen to Quran recitation with tajweed, you feel like your heart is melting in the love of Allah (SWT) & Quran. Whether a Muslim or a non-Muslim, hearing the recitation of Quran applying tajweed rules catches the heart and affects.

Or add to it, and recite the Qur’ an with measured recitation.

The Quran [73:4] Because the Quran was exposed in Arabic, tajweed plays a crucial function in its conservation from any modification or manipulation.

How To Learn Tajweed?

Almuhammadi Academy provides a total and customizable course in Tajweed guidelines. This course doesn’t require any prior knowledge of Tajweed rules as tutors will identify the level and requirements of each trainee, and personalize the needful knowing program for them.

The best way to learn Tajweed nowadays is through online Tajweed Quran classes with an expert Quran instructor.

All that student needs to begin learning the Quran with Tajweed online is a web connection, a desktop/laptop, or a smartphone.

In the Tajweed Rules Course, the trainee will find out:

Quran Recitation
Applied Tajweed Rules
Guidelines of Waqf
Correct Pronunciation
Quran reading in addition to Tarteel
Makharej El-Huroof
Stopping Signs
And much more according to trainee’s requirements.

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