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Quran Tafsir is an Arabic word تفسير which is stemmed from the root ‘fassara. Fassara suggests to explain, to state, to elaborate, to eludiate or to translate. The word tafsir is the verbal noun of fassara and tafsir means the explanation or analysis of something.

The word ‘tafsir’ comes from the root word ‘fassara’, which suggests to expound or to discuss. Tafsir of Quran indicates the description or analyses of the verses of Quran. The Tafsir of Quran is not something done by anyone with regular or typical intelligence and understanding of Islam, rather it is done by individuals after acquiring comprehensive understanding about Islam and checking out the history of Islam thoroughly. The objective of a Tafsir is to find out the true meanings of the verses of Quran, so that the audience could take advantage of it and know the right and real message of Quran.

Provided in a magnificent edition in a large format (A4), this work will satisfy everybody: the novice or the average person who will discover lots of things in a succinct and easy design, but likewise the trainee who will examine his understanding and discover Fawaid.

For this function this “Tafsir” follows two courses:
The first is a continuous tafsir of the Qur’ an in a summed up way, based on the work of ibn Kathir.
The 2nd is the highlighting of four elements for each page of the Mushaf: the definition of complicated words, the works that are highlighted in the verses, the recommendations and assistance to which Allah tells us, and the meditation and reflection on several of the passages or verses of the page.

A Quran Tafsir is both simple and total, perfect for reading and daily meditation. The objective of the Merkez behind this remarkable work is to put practice, introspection and meditation back into the heart of the Muslim’s life in his reading of the Quran.

The Importance of Tafsir:

When it comes to understanding of Quran, there is a variety of factors why Tafsir is crucial and individuals speak with Tafsir. The few important reasons that make Tafsir essential are as follows:

It attempts to explain Quran so that the understanding of the reader about Quran and its message increases. Reading only the translation can offer the actual significances of the words of Quran, however, Tafsir includes context in which a particular Ayah was exposed, thus providing a context to each and every word, which as a result implies a better understanding of Quran and its verses. If you wish to read Quran with its translation, you can register for the online Quran Translation course now and start understanding the verses with their significances.
Secondly, Tafsir is also essential when it pertains to driving out the laws of Islam from Quran. Verses of Quran come with instructions, and after that there are the hadiths of Prophet (PBUH) that likewise gives instructions. Hence, Tafsir integrates both and offers a complete and comprehendible set of instructions to the reader.
Thirdly, when there is no science involved in the interpretation of Quran, then obscurity and contradiction is surely to rise. When there is Tafsir of Quran available, that contains the scientific technique of analysis of verses, the chances of ambiguity and conflict decrease. Instead of unclear interpretations there are clear explanations.
Kinds of Tafsir:

When it concerns the various kinds of Tafsir, there are 3 significant types, particularly, Tafsir bil Riwaya and Tafsir bil Ray. These are the two significant types and all the Tafsirs that are written in one or more of these types. The lines below discuss each kind of Tafsirs.

1. Tafsir bil Riwaya:

It is the very first type of Tafsir, in which explanation of the verses of Quran is made through different transmission sources. These sources Quran itself, where explanation is done by referring to other ayahs of Quran that speak of the same subject matter.

Quran– It occurs while checking out Quran that a person finds a statement unexplained and wants to look for the answer. In this regard, Quran itself is the best answer as the things that are pointed out in Quran at one part are likewise pointed out in another part of Quran. Therefore by relating those ayahs, one can find answer to the questions that might arise.

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