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Why Learn Islam?

Comprehending what Muslims believe in lots of contexts, how Islam influenced not just the Middle East but Europe, the Americas, and the rest of the world, and the ways in which Islam is just as complex as other religious beliefs can possibly open the door to collaborations throughout fields and development, and serve to provide a much deeper understanding of a people and their beliefs. In lots of conventional 1st world economies, Judeo-Christian histories have traditionally been the drivers of financial and social principles, however, Islam and the Islamic world are now growing drivers on their own.

Islam Courses And Certifications

You’ll understand the fundamentals, consisting of Prophet Muhammad’s location, the significance of Mecca, the pillars of Islam, and how other spiritual figures, consisting of Jesus and Abraham, fit into Islamic traditions. Other alternatives include Islamic impact over locations like financing (Islamic Banking Principles, Islam Money Markets) or contemporary world problems consisting of peace-building. You’ll comprehend human rights from an Islamic and Quranic point of view, and analyze Islam’s contributions to the world (Arabic-Islamic History, Unlocking the Manuscripts of Medieval Spain, etc).

Get Ready For International Influence

Who are the Muslims?
Over one billion people from a large series of races, nationalities and cultures across the globe – from the southern Philippines to Nigeria – are united by their typical Islamic faith. About 18% reside in the Arab world; the world’s largest Muslim neighborhood remains in Indonesia; significant parts of Asia and the majority of Africa are Muslim, while substantial minorities are to be found in the Soviet Union, China, North and South America, and Europe.

These markets, including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, India, and Indonesia, might run in a different way, however comprehending the role of Islam within those markets might assist you develop better international relationships with prospective business partners. With the growing Muslim population entering the labor force, a structure of understanding Islam might be useful for improving business culture and interactions across the world.

What do Muslims believe?
Muslims believe in One, Unique, Incomparable God; in the Angels created by Him; in the prophets through whom His revelations were given mankind; in the Day of Judgment and individual responsibility for actions; in God’s complete authority over human destiny and in life after death. Muslims believe in a chain of prophets beginning with Adam and including Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Job, Moses, Aaron, David, Solomon, Elias, Jonah, John the Baptist, and Jesus, peace be upon them. God’s final message to man, a reconfirmation of the eternal message and a summing-up of all that has gone previously was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad through Gabriel.

What does Islam suggest?

The Arabic word ‘Islam’ just suggests ‘submission’, and obtains from a word meaning ‘peace’. ‘Mohammedanism’ is thus a misnomer since it recommends that Muslims praise Muhammad rather than God.

Why does Islam typically seem odd?

Islam may seem exotic or even severe in the modern-day world. Perhaps this is due to the fact that religion does not dominate everyday life in the West today, whereas Muslims have religion always uppermost in their minds, and make no division between secular and spiritual. They believe that the Divine Law, the Shari’a, must be taken very seriously, which is why concerns associated with faith are still so important.

Do Islam and Christianity have various origins?

No. Together with Judaism, they return to the prophet and patriarch Abraham, and their 3 prophets are directly descended from his kids, Muhammad from the senior child Ishmael, and Moses and Jesus from the more youthful child Isaac. Abraham established the settlement which today is the city of Makkah, and built the Ka’ bachelor’s degree towards which all Muslims turn when they pray.

Who is Muhammad?

Muhammad (PBUH) was born in Makkah in the year 570, at a time when Christianity was not yet completely developed in Europe. Muhammad was of a deeply religious nature, and had long detested the decadence of his society. It became his routine to meditate from time to time in the Cave of Hira near the summit of Jabal al-Nur, the ‘Mountain of Light’ near Makkah

What is the Qur’ an?

The Quran is a record of the precise words revealed by God through the Angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad. It was memorized by Muhammad and after that determined to his Companions, and jotted down by scribes, who cross-checked it during his life time. Not one word of its 114 chapters, Suras, has been changed over the centuries, so that the Quran remains in every information the distinct and incredible text which was exposed to Muhammad fourteen centuries ago

What is the Qur’an about?

The Quran, the last exposed Word of God, is the prime source of every Muslim’s faith and practice. It deals with all the subjects which worry us as people: wisdom, law, teaching, and worship, however its standard theme is the relationship between God and His animals. At the same time it provides standards for a simply society, correct human conduct and an equitable economic system.

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learn islamic studies

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