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Online Quran Classes in the USA

online Quran Classes

In this digital age, the way of communication is revolutionized, people communicate with each other within a second through social media applications, emails, and other digital means. Anyone can assess information over the internet with the tap of a finger without any restrictions. Muslims have used this global network to educate people about Islam and…

Learn Quran Tafseer Online

quran tafseer

In this journey of life, the Quran is the companion of Muslims, it is a complete book of guidance and contains all the authentic roots of knowledge. The Tafseer of the Quran helps Muslims to understand the Quran better. Quran not only guides religion and spirituality but also educates Muslims about economic and political matters….

Learn Islamic Supplications Online


Allah is the Creator of the universe and all creatures in it. We all are His creatures, we should know how to practically show Him our gratitude and love for all His mercies. Almuhammadi Academy has developed a special course in which a person can learn the practical way of showing gratitude to Allah called…