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The Quran is the holy book of Allah Almighty revealed on Prophet Muhammad ( ﷺ) as the source of guidance and Islamic legislation. prophet Muhammad(ﷺ ) was known as“Sayyid Al-huffaz” and “Awwal Jumma”, which refers to the first man to memorize Quran in the history of Islam. Memorizing the Quran is the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ ) and it has tremendous benefits in this world and the hereafter, so one should read, understand, memorize it and try to teach it to others online Quran memorization.

Memorizing the Qur’an is a venerable practice and it requires a reasonable amount of time and effort. The one obstacle that is usually faced in memorizing the Holy Quran is the lack of attention of the teacher or it can be said that the teachers have too many students to observe and teach, so they fail to give proper attention to each student, which affects the learning process of the students. The one simple solution to this problem is that you can avail your personalized online Quran classes USA and start your session with professional and cooperative teachers. Almuhammadi academy is providing one-on-one classes, you can start a free online Quran Hifz class trial session today. There are two ways to start your Quran Memorization journey:

One is if a person has difficulty in reading the Quran or is not aware of the hidden mistakes while recitation the Quran and does not know the meanings of the Quranic verses, then they should first take courses that will help them in getting knowledge about all these things because there are certain requirements that one must know before starting Quran memorization.
you know all the basic tajweed rules and Qirat and are familiar with the reason for the revelation of each verse, then you can enroll directly in the Quran Memorization course.

Quran Memorization Course:

Once you have a grip over tajweed rules,10 Qirat, and know the meaning of the Quran them it will be super easy for you to memorize Quran by the will of Allah.
Almuhammadi Academy has designed this course in such a way that the learner can excel in memorizing the Quran in a short period under the guidance of Quran memorization teachers. This online Hifz program has a special Quran memorization planner for students. If you want to start with small steps, you can also take the Almuhammdi Academy course Learn Islamic Supplication so that you can begin to prepare your mind and strengthen it for memorizing the entire Quran.

Why take this course

Cooperative and Professional Teachers: Our staff includes male and female experienced, qualified and humble teachers who help students in their Quran Memorization journey through one-on-one online classes.
Daily Assessment: This would help in getting feedback from the students and will give an idea about the progress of students to the teachers.
Course Structure: We believe in smart work and this course is built on that belief. In this course we have used different techniques like quantum reading techniques, scan reading techniques, initial memorization techniques, and Hifz Quran software and Quran memorization app, which will help the students to memorize the Quran easily.
Free Trial: You can start online Hifz free classes for 2 sessions and once you are satisfied with our Quran memorization schedule you can continue your classes.

Courses That Will Help You In Quran Memorization:

There are some courses mentioned below that will help learners in memorizing Quran with proper tajweed rules, qirat, and in understanding the tafsir.

Quran Tajweed Course For Kids And Adults

Reading and reciting the Quran with proper tajweed is obligatory for every Muslim and helps to avoid mistakes while reciting it. A person should know the Arabic language so they can easily recite Quran, you can start to learn Arabic language if you want. If you know the basics of the Arabic language you can easily step toward the tajweed course. There are two types of errors that the reader may encounter while reciting the Quran and some scholars have classified them as clear and hidden errors.

Obvious Or Clear Errors and Hidden Errors

Clear errors include overlooking the elongation (MADD)or changing one letter into another.

Hidden errors include not reading with correct pronunciation, which can only be observed if one knows the Tajweed rules. Almuhammadi Academy offers a course to help the learner read the Quran with proper tajweed and avoid clear and hidden errors.

Why it is important to learn the rules of tajweed before memorizing the Quran

Many scholars believe that it is obligatory for every Muslim who memorizes part or all of the Quran to learn the Tajweed rules to avoid hidden mistakes. A person should not only learn the Tajweed rules before memorizing the Quran but should learn them before he starts reading the Quran

10 Quran Qirat Course

10 Qirat of the Quran helps Muslims to recite or memorize the Quran in a style that is easy for them. The Quran was revealed in one style,buttheProphetMuhammad(ﷺ ) askedJibreel( ﻋﻠﯾﮫ )اﻟﺳﻼم to teach him seven styles of reciting the Quran, as mentioned in Sahih Muslim 819.
Prophet Muhammad authorized these qirats.

“Umar b. Khattab said: I heard Hisham ibn Hakeem reciting Surah al-Furqan in a style differentfromthatinwhichIusedtoreciteitandwhichtheMessengerofAllah( )ﷺ had taught me to recite it. I was about to argue with him (about this style), but I hesitated until he finished that (recitation). Then I grabbed him and brought it to the Messenger of Allah ( )ﷺ and said, Messenger of Allah, I heard this man reciting Surah al-Furqan in a style different from the one in which you taught me to recite. ThereupontheMessengerofAllah( )ﷺ told him to leave him alone and asked him to recite. He then recited in the style in which I heard him recite. The Messenger of Allah ( )ﷺ then said: “Thisishowitwassentdown. Then he told me to recite it and recited it, and he said, ‘This is how it was revealed.’ The Qur’an was revealed in seven dialects. So recite what seems easy to you from it”. Sahih Muslim-818

Every Muslim should learn these 10 Qirat under the guidance of professional and experienced teachers. Almuhammadi Academy provides this opportunity for people who want to learn ten Qirat with the complete rules of Tajweed.

Why this is important and how it can help in memorizing the Quran.

Learning the 10 Qirat of the Quran has its importance. Quran is a book of Allah and these 10 Qirat are for our comfort we can recite in a Qirat which is easy for us Learn 10 Qirat course is structured as revising Quran with different Qirat, test and daily assessment which help the students not only learning10 Qirat but also in memorizing Quran.

Best Quran Tafsir Course

Have you noticed that when you have a clear thought about something, it’s easy for you to remember it? The same goes for Quran Memorization, if you have knowledge and information about the verses and the reasons for the revelation in your mind, you will easily remember this verse.

Quran tafsir course will help you understand the meaning of each word of the Quran and help to connect each word and memorization become easy. Every Muslim must know Quran tafsir and Islamic history and must learn Islam history so they know the history of their religion

Why this is important and how it might help with memorization.

Allah Almighty says in Quran

“And We have indeed made the Quran easy to understand and remember: then is there any that will receive admonition?” (54:17)

In this verse, it is clear that once you understand the Quran, it is surprisingly easy for you to memorize it.

Ijazah In Quran Me moizarion Course

Once you have completed your Quran memorization, you can enroll in an ijazah Quran memorization program it will help you in overcoming any kind of challenge and the teacher will guide you in every aspect. After you pass your tests, you will receive your Quran memorization certificate.

Why this is important If a person is interested in preaching the message of Allah and wants to teach the Quran to others. This certificate will give him the authority to teach Quran to others. The Prophet Muhammad said,

“The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.”
Sahih al-Bukhari- 5027

Quran Memorization Techniques

how to memorize quran fast
Quran Memorization Techniques

1-Read And Read
Before starting memorizing the lesson of a day (verses), read your lesson aloud to see if you have any pronunciation errors while reciting it, read it 20 to 40 times which will also help in memorizing the verses.

2-New Lesson And Revision Plan
The next day, when you move on to new verses, read the new verse and the previous verses together, which will not only help you in reviewing the previous verses but also make a smooth connection between the new lesson and the previous one,

3-Weekly Revision
Once you have memorized the Quran, repeat it daily, the more you repeat the Quran, the easier it will be for you to remember it.

4-Reciting In Prayer

The perfect way to memorize the Quran is to combine it with repetition. Reciting part of the Quran in prayer 5 times a day will help you repeat your lesson.
Quran has a special place in the hearts of Muslims and they have stored this holy book of Allah in their hearts by memorizing it. Almuhammadi Academy has brought innovation in their courses and makes this Quran Memorization online journey more beautiful by adding various factors like basics of Tajweed, Tafsir through which a person can be able to understand and connect various topics of Quran which make easy for a learner to memorize it.