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Allah is the Creator of the universe and all creatures in it. We all are His creatures, we should know how to practically show Him our gratitude and love for all His mercies. Almuhammadi Academy has developed a special course in which a person can learn the practical way of showing gratitude to Allah calledSUPPLICATIONwhich is referred to as “Dua” in Islamic terminology. Dua is an Arabic word that means “to call out” to whom? To call out to the Creator of the heavens and the earth.

“When My servants ask you ˹O Prophet˺ about Me: I am truly near. I respond to one’s prayer when they call upon Me. So let them respond˹with obedience˺ to Me and believe in Me, perhaps they will be guided ˹tothe Right Way” (Surah Al-baqarah:186)

Dua is like asking Allah for all our wishes, as Muslims, we should have a firm belief that Allah is the one who has the power to make our wishes come true.

Learning Islamic Supplication

Almuhammdi Academy has been offering its services for the past 10 years, helping many Muslims learn Quran and Islam. They have included the Learn Islamic Dua course on their website to assist Muslims in learning Islamic Dua

Learn Islamic Dua

Dua is a wonderful gift from Allah to us. Learn Islamic dua course is designed to educate all important occasional and daily dua with proper tajweed. The focus of this course is to teach Islamic supplications, hadith, and all the etiquette of making dua.

What You Will Learn In This Course

● Dua And Its Importance

First, we should have a clear concept of dua, what is dua. why is it important? Why we call it a means of worship. All these points will be clear in this course.

● How To Make Dua

The thing that makes Dua more powerful is the person’s belief in Allah that He will surely answer my prayer, without any doubt. Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ ) said,

“Call upon Allah with certainty that He will answer you. Know that Allah will not answer the supplication of a heart that is unmindful distracted.” (al-Tirmidhi-3479)

● Etiquette Of Dua

There is some etiquette of making dua like sincerity, a person should be clean, praise Allah before and after making dua and there are many more. Our expert tutors teach students Islamic Dua and help them learn the etiquette of Dua, which makes Dua more powerful.

● Meaning Of Dua

Almuhammadi academy always focuses on making courses that will be helpful for the learners and make their experience of learning with the academy meaningful. They did the same with the learning Islamic Dua course where they included the meanings of Dua sessions in it which will help the learners to understand what they are asking from Allislaah

● Morning And Evening Supplication

Muslims should think of Allah every time in their mind or aloud. Dua is the best form of worship, so we should make it a habit to say evening and morning dua. The prophet Muhammad(ﷺ )said

“The most excellent worship is dua” (Sahih Al-Jami)

Because of its importance, Almuhammadi Academy has set up a special session for its course, which includes all the evening and morning azkar that Prophet Muhammad recites.

“And remember your Lord much and exalt (Him with praise)in the evening and the morning.” (Al-Imran:41)

● Hadith

Learning Islamic Dua course is for children and adults who are interested in gaining knowledge about the Hadith, and famous Hadith books. Understanding the importance of Hadith practice in daily life under the guidance of experienced and qualified Islamic tutors.

● Essential Daily Dua

Every Muslim should learn all basic or occasional Dua from a person who not only teaches Dua but also help to recite it with proper Tajweed and help you to understand its meaning so that when you recite it you have proper meaning in your mind by keeping all these things in mind Almuhammadi Academy has selected competent teachers for this course who help students in learning with great effort. Various supplications are included in this course for students like dua on waking up and sleeping, on dressing and undressing, on entering and leaving the toilet, on entering and leaving the house, on entering and leaving the mosque for ablution, for prayer, for depression, for protection from evil, a prayer of supplication and many more

Why Almuhammadi Academy Is The Best Option For Learning Islamic Dua Online

Almuhammadi Academy is a professional online academy for all people who want to learn dua, Quran, Islamic Hadees, Arabic language, Islamic students, and Our mission is to provide quality education to everyone everywhere within a reasonable price that everyone can afford because there should be no hurdle in the way of gaining an education. What makes Almuhammadi Academy the best choice for you

Qualified And Experienced Teachers

Teachers are the ones who make any subject easy and interesting for their students and we understand this, that’s why we have selected qualified and experienced Arab tutors to teach students and help them in learning supplication

  • With the correct tajweed rules.

● Understanding its meaning.

One On One Session

The reason why almuhammadi academy has introduced one on one session for students is so that every student

● Gets proper attention from the teachers

● If they have any ambiguity and want to ask a teacher, they don’t have to wait for their turn, they can ask the teacher anytime during the lecture.

Instant Feedback

Daily assessment is a part of our online courses that help teachers get feedback from students, so teachers can know

● If a student understands what you are teaching them

● If the student has any difficulty in learning, the teachers change their learning style according to the student’s ability.

Advance Teaching Technique And Tools

In this global age where everything is evolving, why not teaching methods? Today is the time when people believe in working smart and not working hard. Almuhammadi Academy has introduced advanced teaching methods and e-learning tools in its courses, making the learning process more interactive and easier for the students.

Free Trial

Almuhammadi Academy offers you free online courses (trial). You can take 2 classes of Islamic Dua course for free.

Dua Can Change A Person’s Situation

In Islamic history, we have seen how dua can change a person’s situation. At the time when Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was thrown into the fire, he asked Allah for help and made a Dua by putting all his faith in Allah.
Prophet Ibrahim(AS) said

‘Allah is sufficient for us and He is the best disposer of affairs!’ (Sura Al-Imran: 173).

Allah answered his prayer and the fire became cool for Prophet Ibrahim(AS) and could not harm him. Allah Almighty mentioned this in the Quran with these words.

When they threw him in the fire, We commanded, “Fire! Be cool and comfortable for Ibrahim.” (Surah al-Anbiyaa:68)

In this way, Allah helps those who have invoked Him with confidence in their hard times.
Dua is a conversation between Allah and His creatures. Dua can change a person’s destiny and as Muslims, we should learn the Islamic supplication mentioned in the Qur’an and repeat it on daily basis, because it is a powerful weapon against difficulties and calamities